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The One that Got Away

In March 2020, we were two weeks away from bringing our Spring show, Footloose, to Newtown. Everything was set--costumes finalized, dance moves down pat, program in the works. And then.....COVID.

We postponed until Autumn 2020.

Then Autumn 2021.

Then Spring 2022.

But then....Omicron. And we had to face the reality that, as much as we wanted Footloose to happen, it just wasn't going to happen. So, we made the painful decision to cancel. It was the first time in the 40 year history of NMTC that the show hasn't gone on.

Although we are looking forward to our next offering, Shrek the Musical, let's take a moment to remember the show that wasn't. A lot of very talented and enthusiastic people put a lot of hours into Footloose, and we're all a little heart broken that, in the end, we couldn't dance, we couldn't sing, and we couldn't bring this great show to our community.

Thank you to everyone involved with Footloose. Your hard work has not been forgotten.

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