About NMTC

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When was NMTC formed?

Newtown Musical Theatre Company (NMTC), or 'Newtown & District Churches Operatic Society', as it was known then, was formed in 1983. For more information, see our complete history.

What does the company do?

NMTC stages two musical shows each year at the Hafren Newtown - generally in the spring and autumn.

How do auditions work?

Although you do not need to audition to join the chorus, principal roles are cast through auditions, which are held several months before each show. Auditions are open to any company member to attend. The audition panel consists of the Director, Musical Director and a 'Company Representative' nominated by the General Management Committee.

The Director will decide the format of the auditions. It is usual for singing parts to require one or two songs from the show and a short section of dialogue. Before the auditions, there is normally a designated rehearsal to learn the songs required for the auditions. Some minor parts may be allocated by the Director after the auditions. The audition panel has total discretion over the casting and may leave a part uncast if no suitable candidate attends the auditions. They may alternatively offer a part to another member of the Company or to someone outside the Company if no one suitable is found inside the Company.

When and where are rehearsals?

Chorus rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. Principals rehearse on Friday evenings at 7.30pm. Note: In the weeks leading up to a show, chorus and principals are often needed on both Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Rehearsals are generally held at Treowen Primary School, and there is usually at least one rehearsal in Theatr Hafren prior to show week. Everyone will receive a rehearsal schedule, to know when and where they are needed.

The first few rehearsals for a new show are usually music rehearsals, which consist of the Musical Director teaching the music for the show. Acting rehearsals begin when appropriate. Performers are asked to attend as many rehearsals as possible - this is particularly important just before a show. Cast members are asked to let the Director know as soon as possible if they are unable to attend a rehearsal. There are no rules on how many rehearsals must be attended, but the Director has the right to exclude from a show any cast member who is not, in their opinion, sufficiently rehearsed.

A month or so before each show, there is also usually an all-weekend rehearsal (typically 10am to 4pm with a lunch break on a Saturday and 2pm to 5pm on a Sunday).

At the beginning of Show Week, there is usually a 'band call' on Sunday afternoon for the orchestra/band and singers to practice together. During show week, the technical and dress rehearsals tend run late. To help get the show ready, the production team, appreciate assistance particularly on the Saturday/Sunday before and the Sunday after the show.

Who runs NMTC?

NMTC is run by a committee of 9 members, who meet approximately once a month. The committee are elected at the AGM in October of each year. Any member can stand for election to any of the posts if they are nominated and seconded by members of the Company. Officers must step down after four years in a post, and may only be re-elected if no one else wishes to stand.
The Committee is responsible for the general management of Company affairs, financial management, and the appointment of Musical Director, Director, Accompanist and Production Manager as required.
The Company also has a number of subcommittees, which are made up of committee members and other members of the company. One of the most important of these is the Show Selection Subcommittee, which makes recommendations about the company's future shows. This involves looking at shows from all angles, including musical and artistic merit, feasibility, affordability and box office potential.
The rules by which the Company abides can be seen in the Constitution. The General Management Committee make amendments to the Constitution where necessary, but any changes must be approved at the AGM, or at an Extraordinary General Meeting.
For the 2020 season, the Committee members are:

Chair - Les Skilton Vice-Chair - Dawn Jones
Secretary - Andrew Bond
Treasurer - N/A
Business Manager - Tony Orme
Publicity Manager - Kristen Roach
Additional committee members – Craig Harris, Ali Aston, Andy Deacon, Jade Deacon

So, how do I join?

Joining is simple – just contact us or simply come along to a rehearsal. You will need to fill in an application form and pay your first year's membership fees (currently £30). Subject to acceptance by the General Management Committee, which is usually only a formality, new members can join rehearsals straight away.

Please note, however, that for each show there is a CUT OFF DATE for performing members. This is to ensure that everyone is sufficiently prepared for the performance. For the Spring show this is usually the 31st of December, and for the Autumn show, the 30th of June.

What shows have you done?

We've put on so many fantastic shows that there's too many to list here! Read the full list on our Past Shows page.